22 September 2013: “God restores lost years” (Joel 2:25-27)

Sep 23, 13 22 September 2013: “God restores lost years” (Joel 2:25-27)


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Written by: Youth Pastor Lydia Ang


The people in Prophet Joel’s time had undergone a terrible unprecedented calamity – swarms of locusts have swept through their land and the devastation was total: the Bible describes how the ground mourns, the beasts moan, fruit trees dry up and so does gladness. The locusts were in fact God’s “great army” sent in response to their disobedience and their half-hearted allegiance to Him (refer to Deuteronomy 28).


I don’t think God enjoys sending punishment. You can almost hear the sorrow in the words in v6-7. God said, “This army has invaded MY land, has laid waste MY vines, and ruined MY fig trees.” The locusts didn’t just devour their land; it devoured God’s land. God doesn’t enjoy punishing anyone; He does it because He is just, fair and holy. But even as the law of the sowing and reaping is in effect, there is another law in effect too and it’s the law of grace (undeserved favour).


Joel 2:19-27 describe the stunning restoration which God promises to the land when the people repent. He doesn’t just stop the armies of locusts, He also gives them an abundance of blessings. Joel tells the people to repent and in verse 25, the LORD says, “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locusts have eaten“.


Are there seasons/years of your life that have been unproductive, fruitless, dry, bitter, misdirected? I’m quite sure you’ve had some of those. The LORD says He WILL restore those years. When we repent and turn to Him, God is pledging to restore His repentant people to a place of blessing after.

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