29 September 2013: “Disobedience, Defeat & Discipline” (Joshua 7:20-24)

Sep 30, 13 29 September 2013: “Disobedience, Defeat & Discipline” (Joshua 7:20-24)

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Written By: Senior Pastor Alan Ang


After 7 successive days, the army of Joshua had marched around the walls of Jericho, carrying with them the Ark of the Covenant and the priests blowing the trumpets. On the 7th day the army marched 7 times around the walls of the city. The walls of Jericho fell flat!


In the camp of Israel – all were asleep but one – Achan, who disobeyed the command not to touch the accursed things. Achan stole 200 shekels of silver, gold and godly garments. Early the next day 3000 soldiers were sent to war against Ai, but Israel were defeated and 36 men were killed.


Joshua was greatly shaken. He fell on his face before God and cried “Why?” God, You brought Your people over the Jordan to deliver them to the Amorites?


God answered, “Get up! Israel had sinned” And Achan was the guilty man (Joshua 7 : 20 – 21). Achan not only caused Israel to lose their battle, but he lost his own battle with life. God does not want His children to lose the battle of life. He wants us to be victorious.


Great was the sin of Achan and tragic influence upon others. Sin always brings disgrace and ruin to the family “Be sure your sin will find you out” (Num. 32 : 23). Achan was disciplined and stoned, but Christ was beaten, crucified on our behalf, that through His death we might have life.


Charles Spurgeon said, “If you do not teach your children the ways of the Lord, the devil will teach them the way of sin”.


Know this : God is not just the LORD of 10% of our goods and 2 hours of our Sunday. We are Totally His,or NOT His at all. If Jesus is not the LORD of our lives, He is NOT LORD at all.


By God’s grace, let us overcome our Disobedience, our failure and humble ourselves before God and in His time, He will lift us up.

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