8 September 2013: “Joshua – Obedient, Faithful and Reliant on God” (Joshua 1:1-8)

Sep 08, 13 8 September 2013: “Joshua – Obedient, Faithful and Reliant on God” (Joshua 1:1-8)

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Written By: Senior Pastor Alan Ang


One strong takeaway lesson from Joshua1:1-8 is the importance of living our Christian lives in obedience, faith and dependence on God!


Joshua whose name means ‘God is my salvation’, lived up to the name given to him by Moses. Joshua had set a bold example for us to follow—he who began a difficult life in Egypt as a slave rose to be one of Israel’s strongest leaders because he obeyed, remained faithful, and depended on God. God was clearly pleased and called Joshua (v1) to service giving him specific parameters of his task (v2-4) —ie to take the land of Canaan for Israel.


Another important learning point is that when God calls, He will also equip and ensure success in the task (v8) so there is no reason or grounds for us to doubt otherwise. Just as God promised Joshua that He would never fail him, and that his success was dependent on his obedience—it is God’s reminder that His promise extends and applies likewise to us today.


What is your mind and life’s focus at this point in time?

Do you desire to know God and experience Him on a deeper level?

Do you know God’s purpose for your life?


Beloved, it takes great resolve and courage to know God’s purpose for your life. Let’s learn from Joshua’s spiritual success and start here and now. Let’s face it with God’s promise and encouragement of His presence “I will be with you; you can count on Me(v5-6). Next, let’s face it with God’s en-ablement (v7-9). On our part, we need to reciprocate with v8 and “never let this Book of the Law depart from our mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that we may be careful to do everything written in it. Then, we will be prosperous and successful”.


Evangelist  D.L. Moody said it best with “The Bible was not written for your information, but for your transformation”. So my beloved, even more important, is when we apply and put into practice God’s instructions. Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. DO what it says” (James 1:22). Joshua did exactly these things and they worked! “Know with all your heart and soul that not one single promise which the Lord your God has given you has ever failed to come true. Every single word has come true! (Joshua 23:14)



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