Reflections on recent India Mission Trip 2013

Sep 24, 13 Reflections on recent India Mission Trip 2013


“The blessing of the Divine Spirit will only rest on the outcome of hard, honest work…” said John Watson. And hard, honest work was indeed our lot when we had to travel more than four hours two-way to different places for Sunday services, Pastors’ meetings in the day and nightly evangelistic meetings. By the time we returned to the hotel after one of the gospel meetings, it was 23:30 (02:00 Singapore Time). We had dinner and went to bed at 03:00. This was invariably our sleeping pattern Sunday through Wednesday, notwithstanding the overnight return flight on Thursday.


All these hard works were possible because of your powerful prayers! “Prayer is a powerful thing, for God has bound and tied himself thereto”, said Martin Luther. Pastor also spoke strongly on integrity (once proven, “no need to check… regarding the money they received.”) (2 Kings 22:7)


We thank God for rich harvest of souls to His Kingdom. The Pastors who attended our seminars were revived and inspired to do God’s work.


Sister Josephine Pang

Mission work is the heartbeat of God. When we serve God in the mission field, we fulfil the Great Commission Jesus has called every believer to do (Matt 28:18-20)


Before the trip, Pastor Ang encouraged team members, Elder Albert, Brother Rix, Brother Seth and myself to pray fervently for God’s mighty power and authority to overcome spiritual forces and darkness in Madurai, India. We prayed for the glory of God to come down in all our preaching services. God is faithful. He hears our prayers (Psalm 143:1).


There were 12 services altogether, preaching in various parts of Tamil Nadu. There was great revival in all the churches we went to. People were hungry to hear the Word of God. Many hearts were touched by God’s love after the Word of God and testimonies. The Holy Spirit brought strong conviction upon their hearts and there were 376 newcomers who were converted.


Hundreds re-dedicated their lives to God after hearing the preaching of the Word. God in His mercy set many people free from bondages and healed their diseases. 250 pastors and leaders attended the Pastors’ Seminar on Tuesday in Devakottai. Pastor Ang gave a strong message on the characteristics of a good pastor in terms of commitment, honesty, integrity, diligence and humility. Elder Albert also gave a short exhortation regarding suffering. All the pastors found the messages useful and re-dedicated their lives to God.


150 pastors attended the monthly Pastor’s Meeting on Thursday in Madurai. Once again Pastor Ang preached a message called “Servant Leadership”. He exhorted them to look to Jesus Christ as their role model. We must start as a servant before we can be a leader. Elder Albert shared briefly about pouring out our lives as a drink offering for Jesus. The messages brought conviction to their hearts and they were greatly blessed and revived.


Brother Seth held a Youth Meeting on Sunday afternoon. About 80 youths came to the meeting and were blessed by the message and testimony.


God is gracious. Pastor Ang and our team received warm reception wherever we went. We enjoyed good fellowship with pastors, church leaders and members. God protected us and gave us good weather. We want to thank ALFC brothers and sisters for your prayers and sacrificial giving for this trip.


May the Lord bless all of you richly and abundantly. When we do God’s work in God’s way, He is pleased and gives us success. To God be the glory! Hallelujah!



I thank God for the opportunity to go to Madurai, India. It was truly an eye-opener. I witnessed the anointing of God on the team especially our Senior Pastor Ang who spoke with conviction and power that 376 people were converted to Christ. At the Pastors’ seminars for about 350 Pastors, many were revived and encouraged. I spoke at the youth fellowship for about 80 young people who were so friendly and hungry for the Word. We had good fellowship among the team members. I truly admire our Senior Pastor of his zeal and bundle of energy. Many Pastors have invited him to go back to India. We thank you for praying for us. I hope many of our church members will go for mission when our Senior Pastor arranges the trip. I am so happy I went. Glory to God!



I went to India to help but I received the most benefits instead. I was shy, not comfortable talking to people. But praise God, with His help I was able to share with hundreds of people who attended our meetings, that God loves humble people. I also told them that “God has a plan for us – plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and future” (Jeremiah 29:11).

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