27 October 2013: “The Presence of our Holy God”

Oct 28, 13 27 October 2013: “The Presence of our Holy God”

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Written By: Youth Pastor Lydia Ang


Whether you are old or young, you’d probably get tongue-tied and awestruck should you come face-to-face with your favourite celebrity or most-respected politician. Women have swooned in hysteria at concerts held by their fave singers. Movie stars, rock stars and athletic superstars dominate the headlines of our magazines and tabloids.


We love to know about their lavish lifestyles, budding/ruined relationships, and their general comments about life (not that they know it all). I wonder why we would get so excited about meeting a celebrity and yet enter into the presence of the Most Almighty God with a yawn, folded arms, and a shrug.


Throughout Bible history, few people were given glimpses of God, and they all struggled to describe what happened. Most of them couldn’t even stand on their feet. Apostle John who had described himself as the Lord’s most-loved disciple, fell facedown as though dead he saw the glorified Christ (recorded in the Book of Revelation 1). He didn’t go hug or high-five Jesus because John couldn’t stand at all in the presence of the glorified Christ. Everything about Jesus: His eyes, His voice, His hair, and even His feet exuded majesty, authority, strength, and pure holiness.


When prophet Isaiah saw the LORD (see Isaiah chapter 6), he was blown away by God’s awesome presence. The entire place shook! Let me ask you this morning, when was the last time you stood in awe of God? When was the last time worship shook you to the very core of your being? Then, in stark contrast to God’s sheer holiness, prophet Isaiah became overwhelmed by his own sinfulness.


When Isaiah confessed his dismay at his sin, God didn’t punish him but responded with forgiveness. The seraph touched his lips with a red-hot stone from the altar and pronounced his guilt removed and his debt of sin — paid in full!


Sometimes we get so accustomed to God’s abounding grace and mercy that we lose the awe and wonder of God’s holiness. We need to see the LORD God high and lifted up in all His glory and majesty, and remember that the He is more powerful and more holy than we can ever imagine — and we must never approach such awesomeness in a casual or routine manner, but with fear and trembling.

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