17 November: “Story of Jonah”

Nov 18, 13 17 November: “Story of Jonah”

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Written By: Youth Pastor Lydia Ang


Whenever you hear a sermon or read from the Book of Jonah, we seem to think of one thing: the whale (or great fish). Amazing as it is that a fish can rescue God’s rebellious servant, it is not the main point of the story.


Here’s a quick summary: Jonah, a prophet, was called by God to go and warn the wicked city of Nineveh of impending judgment. Jonah didn’t like his assignment so he got on a ship and went in the opposite direction. The ship sailed into a storm, and Jonah was thrown overboard.  But in His great mercy, God rescued Jonah by appointing a big fish that swallowed him.. that saved him from drowning. Jonah prayed inside the great fish and it spat him up on the beach. Jonah then decided that he had better do what God said, so He went to Nineveh where he preached God’s Word. The people repented of their sins and were saved from God’s judgment. The book ends with Jonah arguing with God for saving the people he preached to.


So if it isn’t about a big fish, what is this story going to tell you? Well, you may see yourself in Jonah. His story shows us how one can serve God while under the surface there is a struggle going on in his/her heart. God called Jonah to leave his comfortable life and ministry in order to reach the lost! Very often, we resist God’s call to do something different, something uncomfortable and new. Sometimes, we live our lives with the view God is there for ME, not for them. We forget that God has a tremendous passion for the lost world.


And why didn’t God just dump Jonah and look for someone else to send? Because He is patient and perseverant toward His servants; He’s a God of second chances. And you’d also see how this story points us to Jesus Christ who sacrificed Himself for the sake of our salvation.


If you are running away from God and His will, stop in your tracks and turn around. If you find yourself rowing hard against strong currents; if you find yourself sinking to the ocean floor, God will deliver you. Recognize that “salvation comes from the Lord”. When you find yourself in the darkest place (like the belly of the fish), pray and praise God. Our God is patient, loving, and a God of second chances.

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