23 Feb 2014: “How To Be A Star” (Phil. 2:14-18)

Feb 23, 14 23 Feb 2014: “How To Be A Star” (Phil. 2:14-18)

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Written By: Senior Pastor Alan Ang

Pastor’s Message – “How to be a star?” (Phil. 2 : 14 – 18)
Apostle Paul tells us how to become stars.  It has nothing to do with musical ability or acting skills, but everything to do with how we live.

Our lives should be characterized by moral purity, patience and peacefulness, so that we will shine like stars in this dark and desperate world.

A transformed life is an effective witness to the power of God’s Word. The Lord wants us to be examples and light and salt to a world that is lost in sin and rebellion.

How do we shine as stars?

As briefly stated here:
1)   Conquering complaining and grumbling (v14).
2)   Avoid arguing (v14b)
3)   Focus on the Word (v16)

In our Christian lives there are times when we must face hardship.  Sin and rebellion must be crushed and removed. Instead of complaining, murmuring and arguing, learn to rejoice because God is doing a good work in us.

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