6 Apr 2014: “Where is your faith?” (Luke 8:22-25)

Apr 06, 14 6 Apr 2014: “Where is your faith?” (Luke 8:22-25)

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Pastor’s Message:

Luke 8:22-25

In today’s sermon, we’d look at doubt, a topic rarely discussed in church.
It may surprise you that doubt itself is not sinful or wrong (unbelief is); in
fact, doubt often can be the catalyst to new spiritual growth. Doubts arise
for a variety of reasons:  some because of a lack of understanding of the Bible;
others because one hasn’t made a commitment to Jesus Christ, because one
has a distorted image of God, because hopes are disappointed or because fears
are overwhelming. We have to discover what is the root cause of our doubt so
we can deal with it and consequently have a stronger faith in the Lord.

In today’s familiar story of Jesus calming the storm, Jesus asks His disciples,
“Where is your faith?” By that Jesus was not saying that they do not have faith
but rather they were not using the faith they had been given. Faith is a precious
gift of God to us but very often we store it away in some corner of our heart
and like an under-utilised muscle, we forget how to exercise our faith when
the occasion calls for it. When you evaluate situations on a purely human level,
your faith will be weak or non-existent…  God becomes small in your eyes. In
order for faith to be strong, it must factor in the ability of an Almighty God
(there is nothing impossible with Him). And while God is able to do ALL things,
do remember that He doesn’t promise you a storm-free life so our faith must
humbly submit to the sovereign authority of God.


“Where is your faith?” 

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