11 May 2014: “Honouring Parents”

May 11, 14 11 May 2014: “Honouring Parents”

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Speaker: Pastor Oh Beng Kee


Pastor’s Message:

A Blessed Mothers‘ Day to all mothers in ALFC!

We have with us many who are grandmas, and some great grandmas; so please know that our greeting goes out to you and in fact, to all women with us this morning!


God is so good to us, isn’t He?

He loves and cares so much that while we live our lives here, He presents us Mothers—“an epitome of nurture and love;  the heartbeat of the family– the selfless cornerstone!”


Proverbs 31 celebrates and is full of praise for the woman who loves and fears the Lord!

It shares she is not only virtuous and righteous in the Lord, but also a loving wife and mother, a smart shopper, a seamstress, a gardener and a good housekeeper!

She is diligent in all of her responsibilities; is a woman of character who will travel to the marketplace to sell her goods to help raise money for her family. She will give all of herself to her family, bless her children, and even finds the time to care for those in need in her community. Most important of all, she is passionate about her relationship with God!


She also trains her children with wisdom, and her husband appreciates her and praises her to his friends and work associates because she is worthy of praise!

Mothers whom God clothed with strength and dignity, and who will laugh without fear of the future are God’s gift to us. Join me as I pray for all mothers and women in our congregation that they be richly blessed as they continue to commit themselves anew to serving the Lord and as they seek to bless their families, husband and children. Glory to our Almighty God!

...a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised Prov 31:30

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