When transformation stalls.

Dec 04, 16 When transformation stalls.


– Ephesians chapter 6:12: 

There are unseen spirits and forces that we are fighting. We can’t fight them naturally but spiritually (spiritual warfare) the enemy wants to make you lose your focus. 

Your assignment is to squeeze out darkness and bring out light. But your enemy doesn’t want you to believe that. 

– Corinthians chapter 10:3-5  

Sometimes we reason ourselves out of doing the works of God. Not worthy enough? With the grace and power of God, YOU ARE ABLE. 
– John 10:10 

The Enemy wants to put a stop to the transformation you’re undergoing because he knows how capable and influencing you are after the transformation. 
Stalls – stop, delay, divert 

Stalling not only frustrate you but also people around you. Because you will become moody.
Reasons for stall: disobedience.


If you’re in that stalling position: ask God to forgive you and to have mercy. 
1 Corinthians 3:1-3 

( I want to be able to give you more, but I can’t. I want to preach at another level, but I can’t. Because you’re not ready. You’re unable to have a deeper relationship with God if you can’t handle the word of God yet. ) 

A convert is one who goes to church once in a while, does not pray regularly and does not open the bible regularly.

A disciple is one who believes, follows and applies the teachings of God. 
Being in a stalling period is like being a baby. No teeth for solid food. 

It’s not God’s desire for us to remain as baby but for us to develop and grow ( just like parents ) 

You’ll fall when you learn to stand. But Get up after falling.
A Bible is like a mirror. When you look at it, you see yourself as more than a conqueror. 
‘ Fleshly things ‘ : what you’re watching on tv or what you’re doing on your handphone. All these things can take us away from God. How many have said ” I don’t have time to pray/read the bible ” BUT think about how much time you spend on tv/hp. 

We only pray when crisis occur and when God doesn’t respond we start blaming God. We start threatening God. 
” are you not fleshly and living like ordinary people ” – that means you’re not supposed to be ordinary. Born again Christians are NOT ordinary. You have the spirit of God living in you. But we need to learn how to extract that. 

Ordinary- living life on your own terms. (if I wake up early, I’ll go church. If I feel like it, I’ll read the bible) 
Transformation stalls when we 

1. Fail to exercise spiritually. 
How do we exercise: 

– prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17) 

– Time in the word (2 Timothy 2:15)

– Share the gospel (Matthew 28:19-20)

– Serving others (Hebrews 6:10) 

– Romans 8:8-9 (we can’t come to church and sing ‘how I love Jesus’ and do other things outside church. Don’t have divided loyalty or double minded)

2. When we have envy and strife. 

Don’t be a hater when someone else is blessed. 

In the same way you want God to extend grace and mercy in your life, do it to people who offended you.
3. When we live like the world. 

The bible tells you to come out among them and be separated.


Is to snap out of it, continue to grow in grace. 

Don’t ever stop the transformation progress. 

Sanctification: living a set apart life from others in the world. Not allowing sin to have power in you for the rest of your life.

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